Canine and Feline Medical Acupuncture

Reservations not valid unless accompanied by payment.

Every member of the CRI team, students, and staff are expected to work smart, be considerate of their teammates, and contribute to a collaborative, positive, and healthy environment in which we can all succeed. Specifically:

  • Be supportive of your colleagues, both proactively and responsively.
  • Be inclusive.
  • Be collaborative.
  • Be generous in both giving and accepting feedback.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be kind, professional and courteous.

The CRI team is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for all. Discrimination and harassment are expressly prohibited. Furthermore, any behavior or language that is unwelcoming is also strongly discouraged.

Most classes have lunches provided by a Partner Sponsor. The sponsor provides a short educational talk about their services or products that help rehabilitation and acupuncture professionals.

May we share your contact information with the sponsors of the course you attend so that they can send you information on their services or products?

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